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Enjoy the Finest Mexican Food in Tennessee and the Best Margaritas in town
At Cancun, we prepare a wide variety of authentic Mexican speacialties for our guests to enjoy. Made from scratch using the finest ingredients, our traditional Mexican cuisine is guaranteed to please your palate.
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At the core of any successful restaurant is its menu. A restaurant menu is a showcase for a restaurant’s signature dishes, reflecting the theme, ambiance and style of a restaurant.

Whether you're looking for a burrito, a salad, a quesadilla, a family chicken meal or healthier dining choices, we've got something delicious for everyone. We've been busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, with a new range of great-tasting dishes that are full on flavour. Take a peek at our menu items below – and prepare to get that hunger satisfied.

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We specialize in Fajitas

We specialize in Fajitas!!!

Texans would probably like to lay claim to the fajita, but history gives credit to Mexican ranch workers living in West Texas (along the Rio Grande on the Texas-Mexico border) in the late 1930s or early 1940s. When a steer was butchered, the workers were given the least desirable parts to eat for partial payment of their wages. Because of this, the workers learned to make good use of a tough cut of beef known as skirt steak. In Spanish, fajita is a form of the word “faja” which translates to “belt” or “girdle” in English.

The fajita is truly a Tex-Mex food (a blending of Texas cowboy and Mexican panchero foods). The Mexican term for grilled skirt steak is arracheras, and its American counterpart is fajitas. Today, the term fajita has completely lost its original meaning and has come to describe just about anything that is cooked and served rolled up in a soft flour tortilla. The only true fajitas, however, are made from skirt steak.

Our delicious fajitas are prepared with grilled onions, bell peppers and tomatoes on a sizzling platter, then marinated with our specil sauce and served  with Mexican rice, refried beans and garnished with lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream (corn or flour tortilla) Your choice of chicken, beef or shrimp or all of the above.

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